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pps勇者归来|蓓瑞挺Method is smiling nodded: "Master to less master is quite strict, Every year, in addition to studying, I spent half a year practicing outside, Or in the army, or in the place for collectors, with master's words, is to apply what you have learned, always feel some inappropriate, now it seems that master is right, look at the younger generation, the little jiang wei, Ma Qiu, Zhang Hu, Gao Chong, guan Yong, although not compared to when the world famous general, but also enough to take up important positions, over time, these younger generation, I'm afraid to compare me. ""Damn it!" Wei Yan grunted angrily: "Defense!"

"But what?" Originally heard each other only six thousand people and breathed a sigh of relief yan yan, heard the ministry will speak a turn, a heart couldn't help but to mention again, afraid of the other side burst out with a bad news.Zhang Fei: "…""Your Majesty!" Sighed, Cao Cao looked at Liu Xie disappointed, Shaking his head, he said, "The king's seal is your majesty's, no matter what the original intention is, but it is no doubt from your majesty's hands, into luoyang for the king, now lyu3 bu4 repel governors, in luoyang, naturally also in line with your majesty's original promise, at this time if you send troops, not only unknown, and your majesty's face, the credibility of the han will vanish, hope your majesty think twice!"pps勇者归来|The men in the first and second trenches, hearing the horn of retreat, hurried back to the rear trenches, while an altar of fire and oil tanks were continually thrown from behind into the first and second trenches.

pps勇者归来|Massive army surged up again, launched an attack on qu'a, tardif, he qi two people although tried to resist, but qu'a city soldiers will be few, under the command of guan yu, soon many sections were jingzhou army breached, the whole qu'a city defense line became riddled with holes."By you!" Wei Yanwen disdainfully shook his head: "The defeated general, Ann dare to speak bravely."Thirty thousand troops, finally follow guan yu escaped from the city is less than five hundred, qu'a city, tracing the cause quickly commanded the soldiers blockade the gate, trapped guan yu's military forces in the city, many jingzhou defenders saw guan yu escape, morale immediately fell, many people began to kneel down, please drop.

Tardif saw that the other side no longer ran away, Heart is a joy, but now see each other issued a fierce growl, even someone constantly with weapons slapping his chest, the momentum, tardif also unconsciously a shiver in the heart, behind the jiangdong soldiers is suddenly burst out of the momentum to startle each other, have stopped.Tardif immediately rose red, into is not, also is not back, look into the tent, guan yu sat outside the tent, armor in all four flat, a pair of red phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, look into tardif's eyes, the disdain is no taboo, see tardif, angry dantian, long track: "tardif son righteousness, how to YuanMen already opened, you?""Stupid as it is, But bearing is good, they are plotting against the crime, raiding, deserted, but you are different, you are the enemy, if you willing to surrender, I not only involve you not guilty, and even can plead with his father, when the future break JingXiang, you Ma family except land, other things can be retained, and can forgive the horse before the fall of all sins. Lu Zheng looked at ma, cool way.pps勇者归来|




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