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净化天灾巨魔东莞饮料厂"Hansheng." Liu biao turned his head and gave the seal to huang zhong in liu qi's expectant eyes. "this is the seal of jingzhou's imperial history. Here is a secret road that can lead directly to the city.Xiahou dun appeared in xu chu's side, to help him block lv bu a blow, xu huang took advantage of the situation to come forward, in the hand of the big axe batch head cut to lv bu, lv bu will halberd drag, halberd branchlets hang xiahou dun's gun, a pick up, to meet xu huang's big axe.It a party, also be to liu bei based JingXiang opened the situation, although the four families, CAI home, kuai home and the changs of liu bei is not cold, the huangs also is in a muddle, hold a neutral attitude, but many small and medium-sized family of liu2 bei4 impressions are good, in this respect, regardless of identity, liu2 bei4 knack does have a few minutes, a dinner time, with an, ma and others talk about all kinds of things, a brief encounter, for liu bei settle JingXiang laid a certain foundation.

The layman watches the scene, the expert sees the way, cao cao side, more xi soon detection xu chu's wrong, complexion a change, also ignore what rules, clap horse to go out, hong voice way: "zhong kang and retire rest, see me to cut this fellow!""Rest a few days before you start. Don't let anyone call me unkind." Lv bu nodded his head and was about to let lu lingqi go to see the sable cicada when a riot broke out outside the door."Bang ~" in the moment that two people talk, there lyu3 bu4 already took the hussar to ride to guard in yuan jun to kill an opening, gao LAN layout of the line of defense in lyu3 bu4's tear begin to be close to collapse.净化天灾巨魔"Woman! ?" Yuan shang looked at the warrior in disbelief and was about to get a scolding from zhang he.

净化天灾巨魔Mount taihang, in an unremarkable shanzhai, two scribes sat opposite each other.Sun quan, natural not stupid idiot, even secretly association with lyu3 bu4, also don't want to hard touch with cao cao, let lyu3 bu4 bargain in the back, after all, this paper covenant, in the end, or between the interests of the union, if there is no interest but also to take risks, sun quan, natural or not, therefore, didn't go to provoke cao cao, sun quan, instead of taking the advantage of jingzhou main north, inner emptiness, encamped against jiangxia, eventually get surprise effect, not only attackandkill howie, more at jiangxia forage population moved to jiangdong, zhou yu's life people along the river and go up, more grip jingzhou counties along the river, pretending hard for themselves, under the table to liu, Can only be sent to store in the branches of the military forces against jiangdong recall.The arrival of lv bu let li ping see hope, want to try accordingly, if can revenge nature is best, calculate cannot, the result also won't be worse.

Celebrities?"Hey law ~" horse neigh sound, red rabbit like a group of flames rushed to the side of lv bu, lv bu turned over on horseback.Hate!!!! Very hate, on the hill, lyu3 bu4 mind flashed at least one hundred kinds of how to kill the idea of country, but at the moment, facing the country, the real that hate suddenly gone, he could see, the country has come to the point where a kind of oil do lamp withered, the laughter of the outpost, with endless regret, after all, two countries at war, this is all over, country not to help cao cao will in turn help him?净化天灾巨魔




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