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幸和つばさ|朴< / p > < p > one, liu xun wen yan, subconsciously to cao cao and liu bei direction to look, now seems to be the alliance Lord can only be elected in these two people.Broken crossbows, company crossbows, single-shot crossbows, god of war crossbows, and platoon crossbows, all the crossbows of today's troops can be used for different purposes. Even in close combat, lu bu is just as good."For a Chinese name? What about the allied forces?" Xia houyuan swallowed oral water, see xunyou.

'what? Zhang fei wen speech, jump up directly, look at zhuge liang way: "you are not said foolproof?""Arrow, fire!""Not that we're breaking their back!" Zhang fei disdain way, as a general, this door he can see.幸和つばさ|"More than half a year." Ford shook his head. "I can't remember."

幸和つばさ|'it's time to make some decisions! Thought of zhou yu to death also put yourself together, zhuge liang some bitter, not just the fault clearance and things in shu, jiangdong at this time, also have, zhou yu is jiangdong viceroy, after all, only after the death of zhou yu, jiangdong soldiers, zhuge liang is something of a big, although the matter, say, zhou yu destroyed au to cause are before the word, jingzhou is stand feet, but had to be taken into account for the death of zhou yu zhuge liang and attract members of the jiangdong hatred, I am afraid, sun quan is the hatred to pass on to the head of jingzhou, as a result, two fronts is absolutely unrealistic."Not yet! ?" Zhang fei's throat suddenly raised twice, zhuge liang ear drum shock hum.On the river, as if suddenly placed in the endless nothingness, in addition to the boat row across the river produced the sound, the river, as silent as death.

"Then let him go to zi Ming." Lu bu did not look up.Nobody know what milan to zhangsong, but it seems that this is not particularly happy, because milan is the black face, and leave in milan, after zhangsong also let a person from the entrance to the living room in cleaning the again, it is obvious that the two have the bye, for shu dynasty, nature is happy watching, but after this, as long as milan puppet, unwilling to do so darling family opposition from milan and shu have been predictable."Have the thistles thrown down to me." Looking at the pair of legs exposed to the wooden armor, but with the protection of the wooden armor, it is difficult to accurately hit the arrow, even if occasionally, hundreds of wooden beasts ten thousand legs, a dozen or twenty were shot down is not the overall situation.幸和つばさ|




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