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三级小说|黑龙江旅游职业技术学院The eagle took a look at the slice of meat in lv bu's hand, looked at lv bu again, and twisted his head to the other side.Sword light flash, the head of sima defense flew up, a group of family and respected clan head pale, trembling to see this scene, blood on their bodies, but no one dare to hide."The general is serious." The old king looked at all the people around han sui and said, "there are still sixty thousand men under your general who are far stronger than lu bu.

"Then let them go after them, whether they want soldiers or food. If they can't catch up, they can't blame us." Li ru smiled and said, at present, the overall situation is here, han sui is now the moss of the smoke, no matter how he has courage, but collude xiongnu people poison xiliang, xiliang reputation is completely destroyed, even if the salted fish turned back, will only be seen as foreigners."Well!" < / p > < p > liao hua saw this batch of dead people month kill more fierce, continue to entrench, not only the city guard to be wiped out, the general house will be impacted, no longer hesitate, hello, with the city guard and fight and retreat, under the cover of Yang xi, retreat into the general house door.三级小说|Before well, lyu3 bu4 while asking, but I can't forget this talent, Addis can specifically for women to watch, can't let him run, pang tong humble scholars, so for freedom is quite loose, by contrast, at least not tied to a fellow prisoner of hire is much more painful, be put in the general office of bavin room directly, let a person to once a day, but also can't let him eat satisfied, open JingXiang star, this month, but much more tragic.

三级小说|"Hum!" The general turned away with a cold snort.In snow curtain, ground ground appears dozens of cavalry one after another, all female knight gathers come over, look at already coma past, still hold the man of silver gun however, everybody eye flash a touch of respect.Dozens of women standing around Addis, these women, mostly oppressors, Addis gives them hope, these women don't understand what the affairs of state, perhaps in lyu3 bu4, Chen palace, giffin, marotta most people's opinion, the behavior of the Addis really just children play, but they do not understand, they only know Addis saved them, and gave their human dignity, and that only a little, enough they gave their life to Addis, no matter what kinds of decisions she, the woman will not hesitate to carry out.

"Son of a bitch! Lyu3 bu4 slap a piece of table table clap of smash, nu hum 1 stand up: "more and more unreasonable!"Tu the king out of the camp and took one look at the beautiful moon people across the lake and the rouzhi roamed LaoYing, heart suddenly some remorse, early know there will be a break these things, he was the first joint first zero and Wolf moon people qiang to broke, don't be so quick war with them, when the time comes to save LaoYing three together, the odds are also a few bigger, just now, it is too late to say what.It was because of lu lingqi that if anyone else had been near, the cold arrow clusters would have come.三级小说|




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