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保卫破浪号|美姿堂苹果醋He will withdraw from the song, reorganize the army, and then with jiangdong military forces."General, I can't run, general horse fast, can take a step, while there is some strength, I wait for the general hold jiangdong usurper, the next day, and revenge for me!" A general said with a wry smile."Not yet, but jingzhou rear is not peaceful, jiangdong sun quan I'm afraid has been hit, shu, although important, but for liu bei, jingzhou is now the foundation, I just need to consume with kongming here, the news arrived, then don't cost a soldier a pawn to win the county." Pang tong smiled.

But this is a good opportunity for ma, undoubtedly, the fall of lyu3 bu4 shu will, mostly from a family, only, of the six people, only two are from the humble family, lyu3 bu4 sense of belonging is strongest, but it doesn't matter, as long as the other four camps, the two want to do not agree."At the end of the day he will lead his life." He Qi hurriedly promised, began to arrange a vigil.For a while, three or five shooting sound camp soldiers together, can kill jingzhou army routed, and with the endless shooting sound camp soldiers killed in, the first line of defense quickly routed down.保卫破浪号|"To wait and see." Pang tong stood up and looked at zhang fei, hey smile: "the next time we meet, I'm afraid it won't be so friendly."

保卫破浪号|"I have given up my men once, must not give up again, otherwise, in the future, and what face to see those who died for me!" Guan Yu said this firmly, looking coldly at tardif closer and closer, snapped: "soldiers, all stand up for me, we are soldiers, behind the scars, is a disgrace to the soldiers!""My lord horse on the day of luoyang, bright is to give up an official position, also want to protect the yuan. Zhuge liang shook his head and never gave way."And then?" Wei Yandao, although elite military forces he brought, but now only more than two thousand, there are three thousand left in chengdu to help lu zheng stabilize the overall situation, if put zhuge liang out, the key to victory or defeat is not his elite, but pang tong shu army, for shu army combat effectiveness, wei yan is not very good.

"The two armies are at war, fighting is the army, you and I are the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, how can we imitate the brave warrior of the ACTS?" Zhang ren can not Wei Yan treasure armor protection, his martial arts is not bad, but worse than Wei Yan a line, against Zhang Fei, ask yourself no chance of success, how will go to ask for no fun.Meaning, you go to war at this time, is to give others a chance, zhang fei gas straight blowing beard, but zhuge liang at this time, zhang fei also can't help but stare."Quick, let the men in the trenches back to the city!" Suddenly Li Yan roared madly, he had seen a large amount of water flow in the ditches that Pound had dug before, and quickly spread to the trenches.保卫破浪号|




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