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bitadh菠萝蜜抽油瘦"Department of justice? Zhang, puzzled, looked at lu bu.Chapter 12 different paths< / p > < p > liu bao painful kneeling on the ground, reverent worship toward the sky, the hope that the growing day can bless them through this difficult time, more and more xiongnu people see follow kneel down, together toward the sky worship.

"Ham-er! < / p > < p > liu bao stood up, came to the big tent outside, while thinking about countermeasures in the brain, at the same time to call their general.Looking at the xianbei cavalry again, the man took a deep breath, threw away the bow and arrow, the silver gun slanting drag on the ground, leng jun's face, a hint of tragic and stirring color, slanting drag the silver gun slowly raised, but it was remembered when the general with their north and south of the north, robe ze that exciting words.The earth began to tremble slightly, and the cattle and sheep began to get restless and stop eating grass. The old herdsman drove the cattle and sheep to leaveThe old hound ran anxiously up and down beside his master's horse, calling twice from time to time in the direction which seemed so dangerous to him, and getting nearer and nearer, that he could see him clearly.bitadh"Lord Lord don't blame, this matter palace also have the crime of oversight!" "Chen gong said with a wry smile.

bitadhDown tics dostie face a few times, he clearly see the bison, crazy general, tend to be knocked down in a row two or three cavalry to exhaustion, on both sides of the cross out the two passing everything around Tibet will be cut, originally morale, like the rainbow with the fire cow into the matrix of 50, xiongnu army ride matrix multiply is stopped, the rival, the price of only 50 cows, what is more fearful, behind these bison, lyu3 bu4 offense has only just begun.Lu bu as cao cao's side, with limited forces to deploy defense, the choice of the way and cao cao is similar, after all, cao cao's forces are limited, and jia xu as yuan shao side, the arrangement of troops, the choice is the way of the whole line pressure, from hedong, luoyang, white horse, mengjin each dadu, the strength of the strength of the offensive.Chen gong nodded, but his eyes fell on pang tong, smiling: "this gentleman, can you enter the hall for a chat?"

"Noise!"Stop! Liao hua's eyes were cold and she stepped forward and shouted."There is only one way for soldiers to prove their prowess, and that is military achievements. From now on, I will set up ten shanzhai, and within ten days, one shanzhai will be broken every day. Lv bulang voice way: "today the training is over, tomorrow start, formal selection."bitadh





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