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鹰视蓝调酷眼玫琳凯美容顾问编号Kui-tou looked at lyu3 bu4, eyes flashed a flicker of struggle, as if made a great determination, solemnly way: "temuzhen, if you send troops, how many horses?"Taiyuan county, jinyang city.Under the stimulation of begging Fu Ge Yang, begging Fu people seem to play hormones of general excitement to despair of the huns.

"There is one thing, is my own guess, but still hope, general uller can warn khan. After a moment of silence, lyu3 bu4 sink a track."Huh ~"鹰视蓝调酷眼"I think it's a little short."

鹰视蓝调酷眼Of course, also just complain, to say the truth, not yet, lyu3 bu4 has ordered the armed forces, wei yan leapt into guarding the river of general, this makes wei yan very excited, general, after all, to get merit on the battlefield.Zhang he some blindfolded, lyu3 bu4's soldiers is what's going on?"Not in a hurry either. Take a night off and leave tomorrow." Tap He Man on the shoulder, this time, He Yi's death, let He Man has been very depressed, lyu3 bu4 also don't want to at this time, but also squeeze He Man.

The time has come in September of the fifth year of Jian'an, Just when the eyes of the world were focused on Guandu, the battlefield that determined the hegemony of the north, er, A poem from the guanzhong, spread quickly throughout the central plains, lyu3 bu4 horse at the same time north, xianbei people play in the palm of the hand, don't cost a soldier a pawn, annihilate two hundred and fifty thousand military forces, xianbei back to the prototype of the news, make the central plains countless people silent...."Wang Zuocai, master, just now you have asked." Giffin wry smile.鹰视蓝调酷眼




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