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解放军告别贝雷帽斑宁祛斑霜The most desperate thing is to look at each other can hit himself, and he didn't even have a chance to fight back, guanzhong has been clearly taking such a tactic, this trench, is also forced out by lyu3 bu4, don't dig three feet, really can't communicate with lyu3 bu4 normally!In the fierce battle between the two sides, Deyang county gate again wide open, Wei Yan led the audience elite oblique fight.Dragon chair, Liu Xie bitter in the heart, even if lyu3 bu4 not seal the king, han majesty and how many, but on his face is to make the expression of embarrassment to stand aside of cao cao: "SiKong meaning?"

"General, now what?" A few remaining generals gathered around guan yu, guan yu on horseback, worried to look at guan yu, guan yu at the moment, blind people can see, not too good."Shameless child, damn it!" Watching tardif kill, guan yu stuffy hum 1, the right hand alone with dragon crescent moon knife turned the horse head, cold blade with fierce anger screaming to cut, tardif also can't chase guan yu, hurriedly raised the crescent halberd frame guan yu's knife."Not difficult!" Pang Tong laughed and said, "Recall the troops and return to the camp. Withdraw the military forces from the territory of Dianjiang, return to Deyang, let him out, and wait for Kongming to attack."解放军告别贝雷帽"Kill!" See each other rushed to the front, guanzhong army morale has not weakened, quickly lost his crossbow, will cut swords out, with wei a sharp drink, three thousand soldiers roared to kill jingzhou army, two military forces before the camp like two torrents collided together.

解放军告别贝雷帽On the other hand, zhuge liang learned of the news of the death of samoc, is also some sigh, but the attitude towards aliens, lyu3 bu4 and zhuge liang in fact, there is no difference between these families, basically not when people see, sigh also just sigh for the lack of a good mountain battle artillery fodder."Sze-won, when did you become so generous?" Wei yan puzzled to look at a face of cool pang tong, sincere admiration.For a while, three or five shooting sound camp soldiers together, can kill jingzhou army routed, and with the endless shooting sound camp soldiers killed in, the first line of defense quickly routed down.

At the beginning, the two sides also willed their own tricks, want to make a quick decision, but soon found that it was no use, in the face of the same level of opponents, and know each other's roots, more importantly, nearly two hundred thousand troops at this moment has been fully launched, canine teeth staggered, you have me and you, forming a tangled situation.In the dull sound, with the flying dust dispersed, appeared in the line of sight, but a few shields together, flying arrow cluster did not cause any harm.Chapter one hundred and sixteen lost YinLing解放军告别贝雷帽




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