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悉知网|天车遥控器"Seibel?" Zhong yao frowned. "This man is a bit tricky, not only to fight, but also quite strategically, after the prime minister back to the capital, quite praised, lyu3 bu4 as coach, is quite knowledgeable.""It 's a wearisome trick!" Candidate at this time also react to come over, face black, heart is depressed, he was not ready to siege, you stay in your city and wait for the results not line, somehow ran out of sleep is what do you mean?Chapter 34 borrow troops

Cheng Gongying laughed aloud and said, "It's just death. Just a thief. I'm going to meet you tonight. Kill you!""Whew ~"Of course, the most important issue, don't say now d is just nominal obedience, the linjing city, but almost all are d, is d really wrong, marotta also can't move him.悉知网|A hurried hoofs of horses came, followed by a long sound from far and near, dusty soldiers rushed in from outside the tent, kneeling on one knee in front of lyu3 bu4, the hands of bamboo paper held high, panted and said: "master, jincheng urgent report!"

悉知网|"Clatter ~" "clatter ~""Hmm?" Zhou Cang looked back, holding the door frame of Miu Shang, eyes show a touch of disgust."Mr. Wen Ho, I haven't seen you for years, and you still have your grace." Tribal hall, Yang Wang a face of joy will giffin and male broad sea into the hall.

"Here!" Xiongkuo sea smell speech a fiercely, after bowing to life, striding out of the camp, like a statue guarded outside the camp.悉知网|




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