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舍金娜|手机 山寨 新款For a while, three or five shooting sound camp soldiers together, can kill jingzhou army routed, and with the endless shooting sound camp soldiers killed in, the first line of defense quickly routed down.Zhuge liang shook his head, pang tong between the lines of the strands of pride on paper, and if something really went wrong in chengdu, pang tong probably didn't have time to bullshit with himself here.Zhuge liang silently closed his eyes, mixed feelings in the heart, an unspeakable bitterness poured into his heart, even for a long time, conceited resourceful him, also feel a sense of powerlessness pressure down at the moment, let him have an unspeakable fatigue.

"Mean man, no brave bandit!" Also luckily zhang fei far away, and martial arts, zhang eight snake spear dance into a circle, will shoot to the front of the arrow cluster opened, at the same time on horseback, roared in the mouth: "men, kill me!"Qua tower, He Qi looked at tardif unexpectedly with guan yu war sixty or seventy undefeated, not big, stride to the drum platform, a will roll off the drum, picked up the gavel, personally beat the drum cheer, guan yu behind, Xing Daorong also excitedly waved the gavel.Heart warning sign of the moment, guan yu has made a subconscious evasive action, but tardif arrows too fast and too suddenly, after all, can not completely avoid, was tardif an arrow shot in the left arm, guan yu stuffy hum 1, the arrow cluster pierced into the left arm.舍金娜|Wei Yanwen speech, the corner of his mouth twitched, This is due to information inequalities, Zhuge liang mastered the world intelligence, from the whole situation of jingzhou and shu, even jiangdong, and zhuge liang only focus on shu, information asymmetry, grasp the key points are different, pang tong to destroy the vitality of jingzhou army, and zhuge liang is to attack the city as soon as possible, take shu to lay a stable rear for liu bei.

舍金娜|"In fact, qin or jin, but is a code name, but you all fight for, or the glory of history, master if there is no special requirement, let them fight is, to the final decision, if you can't give the answer, then master to make a choice." Giffin smiled and said: "Of course, if the master has other requirements, you can also tell everyone.""Shoot to kill!" Ma Qiu childish face, flashed a ruthless look.Three thousand soldiers with wei commanded, less than half wick sweet kung fu has been assembled.

"Prepare for battle!" Li yan hate hate waved, the other side of the troops are not in a hurry to siege, but with the help of floating board, began between the trenches, chasing down jingzhou soldiers, at the same time will be after the siege equipment began to move this way, li yan also know at the moment is not the time of pain and loss, under his command, a big shield stood on the wall of nanyang city.But according to pound said the situation, this li yan obviously seriously study customs clearance, not only in the trenches, so that the guanzhong strong bow crossbow can not play, and then in the way of fire, let the elite shooting sound camp planted here.舍金娜|




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