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女人私房话|努比亚一梳黑Chapter 46 strategyLyu3 bu4 frown way: "That Zhang Gu is not like a tough man, if I die, how can he escape?"Quebec head did wait for urgent, however, temuzhen such a hero on the side, than on the other hand down to deal with their own more reassuring, if really can't control, then kill him, also can't let him take refuge in the hands of others, one day run to deal with yourself, that's a nightmare for anyone.

Before being shot to head up to the huns are still alive scattered around at the moment, can't organize an effective defense, with lyu3 bu4 out of some organs, is to kill a lot of beggars, but these rough organs in beggars under the tactics of the sea of people soon was added flat.Lyu3 bu4 expression has always been cold, waved, The accompanying medical officer hurriedly came forward to take medicine for d, Lyu3 bu4 sat on the handsome chair, Shen Sheng said, "Only when you know yourself and your enemy can you survive a hundred battles, understand the enemy's situation, and make clear the merits and demerits of the enemy and ourselves. This is what the general should consider at the first moment. It will be the soul of the armed forces. Your wrong decision may have killed thousands or even tens of thousands of soldiers under your command. I can spare you today, but who will pacify the brains of the dead soldiers?""We'll see each other again. No need to be forced. Be gentle with women." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, explanation is superfluous, rarely meet this deep-hearted woman, he doesn't mind playing with each other.女人私房话|

女人私房话|"Astonishing?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Fei San, nodded and laughed, "Say, what do you want, as long as your amazing secret enough weight, the general will not be stingy.""Nothing." Jiang xu shook his head, looked at his brother, smiled and said: "salary will rise, do a good job."Looking at step root irrevocably left the figure, kui head suddenly some regret, after all, this is his own brother, if he really have what, don't you want to entrust the future of the whole xianbei king's court to temuzhen?

Since lyu3 bu4 out, alias temuzhen, re-establish the huns tribe, these were not long ago also bullied by the xianbei tribe of the humiliated huns waist gradually straight up.Coss smell speech, A knife pushed back Wei Yan, Turn your head, And then I saw the two of them fighting, Jun has been under wei elite kill is about to be defeated, Coss, Seeing Wei Yan kill again, Suddenly a bridle of horses, With a long knife in his hand, chop to Wei Yan 's throat, Although this move is not as subtle as Guan Yu's towing knife, but also quite get three of them, Wei Yan caught off guard, Although dodging in time, And I almost got a boring loss, In my heart is surprised a cold sweat, Coss saw the trick failed to kill wei, Heart know again, lose or not win, hurriedly le into the wei army, a head to cut several pawn, even with subordinate soldiers will meet again, kill a lot of people, wei, although repeatedly angered, but was blocked by the rebels, can only watch coss left rushed right tu, a little bit of the military forces gathered around again."Eldest brother, no, that zhang he won't chase!" Ma Dai led the military forces out of the north twenty miles, and d meet, wry smile way: "This man martial arts outstanding, I am not its opponent."女人私房话|




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