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程莉莎八卦|代办消防"Dare not, strong guest not pressure Lord, under should be guest!" Pang tong, though since the camp, performance is very strong, but also a clear at the moment oneself is already for liu DHS things into a part of people's discontent, since purpose has been achieved, followed by the good faith, the strength of the natural won't blindly, then some stupid, aeriform in, however, continue to emphasize their own strength"I just didn't expect time to pass so quickly! I didn't see his last face." Xiao qiao sighed. It has been nearly ten years since he was robbed by lv bu. In my mind, zhou yu looked like what she was about to forget.Lyu3 bu4 is basically because the average-land system, can be in less than ten years, make for safe, no longer subject to family in Taipei, now milan though evil in family, but in a sense, he is liberating the people from family's hands, should also like the guanzhong people embrace lyu3 bu4 to support himself.

"General zhang, Lord but because you pardon liu zhang, and liu zhang is now shangshu order, you at this time to seal, not back the Lord!" Fa is looking at zhang ren and smiling.As to why separate here, but it is zhuge liang before he left he sent a letter to Chen to, as for the content of the letter, separate ever secretly open, but only very unusual entrust, did not have too much information to show, but after Chen to read the letter, just light swept separate after, tell a separate: "strategist said in the letter you wenwu, is a rare talent, being the case, then stay at jiangxia."Listening to the ranting of liu cang, liu zhang looked blankly at meng da, even though his heart was as dead as ashes now, and even now heard liu cang running up to kill himself, his complexion would not be pretty And d let the old general, who had been his confidant, come and kill him in such a desperate manner程莉莎八卦|"Well, it's been hard on you to be in the army all this time, and I'll be with your ladyship when the battle is over." Liu DHS

程莉莎八卦|"Yes." Meng da nodded.Jingzhou needed more time to plan for the middle of shu. At this time, even if liu bei was really interested in the king's appointment, he could not ruin the relationship between him and cao cao."A crisp, but see xiao qiao face some pale face standing at the door, eyes blankly watching lv bu and nighthawk, beside her, big Joe pulled xiao qiao, some anxious looking at lv bu.

It has been more than half a year since hanzhong came under the rule of lv bu. Although there are still some problems left unsolved, the overall situation has been decided and the people have become loyalChapter 85 for the prince no way, ministers should abandon itWei operations, has several sentries rush out immediately, fast, like a running horse, although each other scouts after see exposed the whereabouts is quickly retreat, the gap between the two sides have a lot of, but the side of the scouts or to shorten the gap quickly, in less than a wick sweet, several of the scouts have come back with two sentries, infected with the blood of looked at each other, obviously has some fight, let swaney can't help but marvel at in the heart of clay under lyu3 bu4 tough."Veteran? Pang tong was struck by what he heard.程莉莎八卦|




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