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古今军事船都网台湾渔乐Lyu3 bu4 name, in the central plains may not be popular, but in the grasslands, even hostile xianbei, the huns, mentioned lyu3 bu4 name, also want to awe call a fly general, of course, this is more than a decade ago, lyu3 bu4 is bing, put it now, remember lyu3 bu4 name after all not many people.During this period, If you want to dominate the world, Families are an unavoidable obstacle, Lyu3 bu4 also know, When you grow up in the future, when marching into the Central Plains, It is impossible to kill off all the families in the world, when he founded Chang 'an College, and then a series of plans, are designed to develop a mechanism that will enable the poor to confront their families, Changan academy is a starting point, after printing and papermaking mature in the future, is really shaking the ruling position of the family, but this mechanism, at present, is still an embryonic form, still very fragile, once there are a large number of families involved in this time, it is easy to completely crush the mechanism, destroyed.Because general seal right, to some extent, is not much worse than the right seal, also have the right to sub-seal, in order to avoid premature war with lombardi, cao caocai had to hand over the general.

"Camp hijacking!" Mr Li said quietly.Refugees continue to migrate, But lyu3 bu4 did not continue with the army, After confirming that a plan should be implemented, He took the cavalry straight into changan, meet seibel, now presided over the guide refugees, is zhang liao and tube hai, according to this progress, I believe can catch up with this year's spring ploughing, as long as the summer, stay the first batch of hay harvested in autumn, oneself in the land of the Beijing sign, also calculate to completely stand heels.古今军事船都网"Up is down, Master although encourage qiang han intermarriage, But after all, there is no persuasion, if the tetrarch can marry the most beautiful woman of the qiang people in this sacrifice, will also let the qiang people see the sincerity of the tetrarch, at the same time, in the future our army will also be imitated, so, the tetrarch not only to hold the beauty, and the qiang woman in the tetrarch wives and concubines, at least also want a flat wife. "Giffin a smile.

古今军事船都网"Lingzhou?" Niyang camp, heard the report, zhang liao came to the map, smiled and said: "it seems that ziming has been stationed in fuping, there are two places, can protect our army without worry, tube general, please lead one thousand troops into goju, echoed with our main force, I will inform seibel general, another one thousand troops in you.""Husband, what is this? It smells delicious." The sable cicada curiously looked at lyu3 bu4 hands crystal clear, like glass beads, a pervasive smell escaped, two Qiao smell speech, also can't help but be attracted by lyu3 bu4 hand objects.

Oil lamp under the flame, Korea hence again looked at the hands of the appointment document."Stop!" Lyu3 bu4 a wave of his hand, less than two thousand cavalry quickly stopped, behind lyu3 bu4, forming an irregular cone array, ready to attack again."Master now worry about, nothing but military forces, master account soldiers although fierce, but soldiers will be small, especially cavalry master now account cavalry less than two thousand, and to bully liangzhou, master must have a cavalry can help master vertical and horizontal world."古今军事船都网





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