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无限挑战130330|黄龙玉最新信息Cao cao face a black, this consider as what, wave a hand way: "you and come down, I come to try."One side of a group of soldiers of the hussar riding camp and pang tong and other people heard the words mouth mouth severely twitch once, lv bu turned around and smiled at a group of women soldiers standing up: "finished?"Zhaoyun bow way: "father-in-law rest assured, cloud not ready to leave."

"Look at the flag, it is general lu bu riding an hussar!" The ministry will have a look of fear on his face, lu bu's two years of fame is too big.Cao cao looked at the corner of his eyes, a little red light in the line of sight gradually become eye-catching.At least 20,000 troops. What about lu bu? With the hundreds of people dare to direct the cao formation."Be." Lv lingqi glared at a proud pang tong, standing beside zhaoyun.无限挑战130330|On the other side, in CAI MAO's shuai account, kuai yue frowned at CAI MAO and said, "DE GUI only gives liu bei three thousand soldiers and horses.

无限挑战130330|Family, the word will go to the world, also is home, lu bu's home is composed of millions of families, wealth status, lu bu can allow the emergence of class, to eliminate the class is against human things, but in the root, lu bu to do as much as possible equal, the root is not only refers to the land, there are opportunities."Think of something, cicada son need not worry." Lyu3 bu4 draw sable cicada into bosom, this kind of whole depend on luck of affair, in fact if hold a hope bigger, the infatuation to this thing and dependence is bigger, get of my lucky, lose of my life, the person ultimately depend on still oneself, oneself have no ability, to pair of iron dozen of body all useless."Thank you, Sir." With a slight salute, liu bei, with guan yu and zhang fei, followed zhuge liang into the grass hut.

"Poof ~"Although yuan shao and cao cao later dozen fierce, but early years of time, two people are friends, travel together the world, now both sides temporarily join hands, courtesy, yuan shang still respectfully call cao cao uncle."Wow ~"无限挑战130330|





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