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金珠海|左旋杯杯Take a step back to say, even if a guli was cheated, han sui did not secretly take refuge with lu bu, but the current situation, such as lu bu back, han sui can hold off lu bu also said, at this time, burn when Lao wang nature is more reluctant to take their fate to bet with han sui."Lord, the news came from the general's office, the lady will be born!"In the heart helpless, but also did not bother a few lovely wife to appreciate the enthusiasm of snow, there is no need to take these some heavy topics out to disturb the atmosphere of the festival.

Lee as careful looked up at a glance, beside zhang liao, there is a person, is the protected suffocated in the cellar of the teachers of the law, marotta is choking at the time, was not injured, after wake up, eat some food, refreshed, at the moment and zhang liao sat, as lee got nuance, just look at the location of the two people and zhang liao virtually with something of respect meaning expression, knew in front of the teachers of the law is a big man, now can't snub, after two other kind, obediently sat in the position of the hand, two people didn't dare to say more."That doesn't make my daughter go off to war, does it? What do others think? The man under my lv bu tent all dead?" Lu bu shook his head."I have no intention of offending you, miss, for your pardon. Thank you for your help." The man is a little surprised, but lu lingqi body, really can feel a threat, this kind of feeling, is the general, and is the fierce general will have, just before because of the identity of the other woman, did not pay attention to.金珠海|But CAI MAO in all the key road are set up checkpoints, strict inspection of pedestrians, let lu lingqi quite a headache, so on, have to be blocked in jingxiang.

金珠海|Lyu3 bu4 did not comment about it, special operations has sprout in this era, such as lead seibel camp, cao cao's butch ride, has become a charming righteousness from history, in a sense, is the era of the special, the value of such a force exists, the consumption of the battlefield is not for us.Lyu3 bu4 unierse hetao, disorderly army to kill before the huns khan broken bravery, the huns, is an absolute disgrace, admire wood son as dostie new selected general, billed as the huns first strong, determined to revenge, but also know that their is no lyu3 bu4 opponent, at the moment the two armies, see after lyu3 bu4 not in the army, and that the military is brave ran out will want to fight, vociferously to lu bu, also want to boot the first opportunity to zero momentum.Damage rules of this kind of thing, it is simple, but really want to do, Shouting what to say to establish new rules, not to wonder why you support why people are not willing to stand together with you, human held notion, without a hit to the immediate interests, it is impossible to change so easily.

"That I walked first, this leg of sheep you eat first, still have here of water, let han people feed you, don't scold again, liu sufficient physical strength, tomorrow go to look for Lao wang." When kun mu left, he still asked anxiously, aguri's fierce temper in burning off qiang is as famous as his prowess.Is a wise man, it is easy to see the key, but also points out the harm of the rulers of business must have absolute control, traders profit, if can't restrain, will be a double-edged sword, in turn, checks and balances lyu3 bu4, this is both lu bu and his officials, war will not tolerate things.Then lyu3 bu4 movement was gradually let the people much a few minutes, although repeatedly, has done almost nothing but waste of money and things, instead of tax rate was very low, if before the autumn harvest, this is meaningless, but after the autumn harvest, this words are fulfilled, get in the hands of real benefit to lu bu the status of solid thoroughly down in people's hearts.金珠海|




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