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雯京网|昆明空白t恤Chapter thirty-three politeness before action"Lord." They gave lv bu a little salute."After brother zi zhen was also a famous scholar, I had great respect for duke kang chenggong, but I didn't want his descendants to be unfilial. Instead of inheriting his legacy, I fawned on him. Chang 'an academy, a scholar neither Yin nor Yang sneer.

Suddenly tense atmosphere in the hall, huang zhong and zhang fei standing good somberly, two big hands held together, bold powerful guan yu act as a referee, liu bei some helpless invited zhuge liang to sit down together with yourself, and this kind of thing is somewhat gimmicky, but military commanders, sometimes this spell spell strength can promote feelings instead, that huang can protect the microbloggers escaped under the killing of CAI, also have a few minutes, just how much, liu bei no promises."Oh?" Kuai more smile, see to zhang yun way: "is not fifty thousand army?"Lu xun and gu shao looked at this scene with great interest, lu bu feng Wolf guxu, the world is singing, there are countless versions of the folk in the spread, now it seems that the story is more interesting than those versions of the folk spread.雯京网|"What's the matter? Cao cao looked at the messenger.

雯京网|"Brother xidu, CAI MAO has been suspicious of kuai's family, how can you still be so calm?" Into the kuai home, is to see kuai sitting on the copywriting, while reading a book, while tasting tea, can not help but angry road."Liu ye, I have seen the general." Liu yezheng is his lapel, slightly arch way.But planning the grasslands is a challenge for Mr. Lu and his officials.

"Kacha ~"All of a sudden, the whole land of three han suffered."Maidservant dare not say, that your frost emissary is really so said, she said that the Lord when alone into the xianbei court, to her...... Later, the Lord broke xianbei and put her back into guishuang. She had a 10-year engagement with the Lord." The maid bowed.雯京网|





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