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龚婉慈|奥鲨宝Now in addition to lu bu, each big governors oversees a tax, or given priority to with us, and zhangsong this information is also in us, for example, to list out, now shu within a year, a family can call ten stone grain, the ten stone, there were six stone is used to pay the rent, and then the remaining four stone, half as taxes turned over to the government, and in the stone, the family to take up a large part of."Big deal? Zhang song looked at the method, the vision is some complex, finally shook his head: "I am not interested in the champion hou event.""What now? Give up?" Lv meng looked hesitingly at zhou yu. He knew that zhou yu had been preparing for this day for a long time, and just as zhou yu had said, if he missed this opportunity, it would be difficult to find such an opportunity to recover jingxiang at one stroke.

"Lord, a large number of lu bu troops and horses were found blocking the way!" Liu bei was on the march. He was reported by the scouts.All the people then remembered, ling bao alsoChapter 71 the undercurrent east of the river龚婉慈|"There are only 3,000 of them. Lv bu reminds way.

龚婉慈|"The emperor was a noble and respected man, and he was a descendant of the han family. He had experienced numerous wars all his life. Liu xun laughed.Wang ran is wang li's son and nephew, liu zhang this just remembered, although wang lei is loyal minister, but also is the same family, he would give this kind of thing to a family to do, shook his head, liu zhang disappointed way: "this thought, wang qing and other family people are different, now it seems, but also the same birds of a feather."I don't know what the reason is. But in fact, the principle of the Lord is self-destruction of the promise, the loss of justice, how convincing?" "The king was tired.

"You fellow... "Zhang fei raised his fist in exasperation.The crossbow is not suitable for a projectile, but it is not completely impossible. Since you cannot shoot the shield, shoot the soldiers behind the enemy first.Tiger fastened shut to bloody breath can feel even across the far away, in the morning, the sunrise, a about fifty thousand troops from luoyang direction slowly, while the east is unlikely to be the enemy, but seibel also did some deployment, guarding city troops saw that the men got such a fright that hurriedly blowing the horns, are the camp the seibel hurriedly brought people come to rest.龚婉慈|




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