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朴有天朴嘉熙|邯郸黄页"Shoot arrows! Almost instantaneously, the warriors who emerged from beneath their wooden armor were engulfed by a thousand arrows."Kill!"The penetration of lv bu to yi state has been so deep! ?

Seeing that the soldier in the last wooden armor wanted to block in the middle of the gate to prevent the gate from closing, the magnificent sea had already pulled the edge of the wooden armor and sneered, "come in and give it to me!"Jingzhou, xiangyang."I meant it." Zhuge liang nodded: "but after seeing the governor, liang knew that it was an insult to the governor."朴有天朴嘉熙|"Fire!" Three hundred bed crossbow roar, three hundred giant arrow rend the air of the pike, thickness, with a deep and sharp howling, instantaneous, over five hundred steps distance a rumbling sound, a shield wall shot an incision, many have not yet had time to retreat was equipped with the arrow through the body directly, bloody breath at once.

朴有天朴嘉熙|Jun big tent, in front of liu bei and others, cao cao did not ask xh battle damage, but even don't ask, the battle brought together under cao cao's most elite fifty thousand troops, this also is not what glorious things, more important is the war brings to the governors big blow, seibel is gone, but the somebody else's time, perhaps because of physical run out of these reasons, but it is a battle, jun really not win."Crossbow army 100 people a group, cover up alternately kill!" Pound saw this and shouted, "others, go to the fire!""Arrogant? The young general raised his head and looked at huang zhong, who was behind liu bei. He sneered, "even if I am poor, I will not use this old soldier. If there is no one around, duke xuande can ask his brother for help.

"You want to fight! Pang tong rolled his eyes and sneered."Big deal? Zhang song looked at the method, the vision is some complex, finally shook his head: "I am not interested in the champion hou event.""Bei also thought cao gong should be... "Liu bei zheng wants to push the position of the alliance Lord to cao cao, this is zhuge liang before the account is good, today is different from the past, when yuan shao relying on the position of the alliance Lord, can be vassal, but now the various forces have formed, the position of the alliance Lord has become a hot potato, once taken over, no benefit, have a hard battle also have to their own.朴有天朴嘉熙|





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