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姥家门口唱大戏|搜网CAI MAO heart secretly sneer, face is a smile, to liu bei arch hands, no matter how to say, liu biao this brother-in-law face, he is not good not to give, but for liu bei huangshu identity, CAI MAO heart is secretly disdain."Tomorrow you and I will go out of the city and drown in battle to see if we can cut this veteran to pieces!" After a while, zhang liao looked at pound and said quietly."Lord, you can't give up. Even if you show any intention of giving up, it will turn into a rout." "The judge hurriedly advised.

Zhang liao looked at pound, smiled and nodded, "all right!" Although pound's martial art is not as good as zhang liao's, it can be called the champion of the three armies. It can be seen that pound also has the mind to make contributions.Liu bei's side, a youth of the teachers of the law to the hidden shook his head, zhang fei CAI on the right side, kuai the chin with a smile: "at the end of the wing, general is also want to contribute, but today I view tiger fastened shut, fortified, the ShouJiang xu sheng was also a soldier who, along with lyu3 bu4, fighting for years, mastery art of war, battle-hardened, want to storm the tiger fastened, difficult!""I want to hear your own thoughts, not lingqi's." "Said lv bu.姥家门口唱大戏|'what? Yuan shang complexion greatly change, twist a head to see to a big orca severe voice way: "send my command immediately, life gao LAN general attack linshui big camp!"

姥家门口唱大戏|"You...... "Wu jia master angrily pointed at the teachers, face red.Without giving CAI yan time to reply, lu put on his clothes and went out of the academy with the official document: "come, let the government of fa zhengdao meet me.""So, big things are expected." The judge nodded with a smile and chatted with yuan shang for a long time before retiring.

"So it was a surprise." Lu smiled confidently and understood jia xu's meaning naturally: "although the chance is not big, I still want to have a try before cao meng DE reacts. If I can succeed, I will occupy all the land in hebei province and become the hegemon of the north, ruling the north across the river from cao meng DE."Cao cao and guo jia looked at each other, shook his head and smiled sadly. He waved his hand and said, "get up. I will be my personal bodyguard in the future.Yang fu sighed, bow to retire, the said has said, as to the result, not he can control, jia xu also stood up, bow: "Lord, minister still have some things to deal with, the first to retire.姥家门口唱大戏|




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