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古今船长的故事新闻浙江天能集团Of all the hustle and bustle, In less than a moment, Zhuge Liang was left alone, sitting silently in his seat, Looking at the empty tent, in the heart rise a sense of unspeakable loneliness, jiangdong has been through three generations, how can be so easily breached by guan yu, just as liu bei led lv meng's army to land to play before, jiangdong is unexpectedly lv meng will fail so quickly, not ready, just let guan yu sweep down yu zhang, but then? When jiangdong integrated forces, after a new offensive, I'm afraid it's time to pay off the debt."General, I'll get rid of them!" Xing Daorong got up, ready to go out again, but was stopped by guan yu."Yes, the third defeat, because your opponent is me?" Lu Zheng laughed.

"Array of guns! Stabbing!" As the two armies began to contact, shout ShaSheng gradually intense, a pike pierced, but was blocked by the other side's rattan shield, but followed by the screaming arrow cluster after the loss of rattan shield protection, casualties began to intensify, and the front line also with the contact between the two sides, gradually elongated, two military forces began to enter into a melee."Don't be careless." Lu su didn't sleep last night, are worried about guan yu will take the opportunity to attack at night, a night without a thing, will he boil a suffocating."Man is greedy, and it is easy to give him things, but it is hard to get anything out of them!" Secretariat office, lyu3 zheng threw a letter into the fire, shook his head and sighed.古今船长的故事新闻YanYan injury is not too serious, but the old man, injury recovery to slow down a lot, zhang fei this time is rare not ridicule, after all, the guanzhong army crossbow, that is even his second brother have to lose the array.

古今船长的故事新闻"The guan yu is clearly to exhaust our morale, the other side closed the door, our army here today a day of bitter, the men taut mind, and the other side is calmly trimmed, wait for tomorrow when the other side to attack, our army soldiers will naturally be in a very bad state." Lu su wry smile."As for prosperous times, if there is a chance, kongming really should go to changan for a walk, just know what prosperous times! What is ten thousand states to dynasty." Said finally, pang tong couldn't help laughing, ten years ago, who could have thought of changan today's spectacle, countless foreigners to join the han dynasty as a pride, many small countries, but also prefer to join the family, this external attraction and centripetal force, from ancient times to the present, never appeared.

"ZiBu this bad, the lyu3 bu4 is also wolf ambition, how will he promise? Even if promised, this human relationship, how do we want to repay?" Sun quan has not spoken, zhuge jin has frowned out the voice of sun quan."Report to my strategist, detailed to quote, chengdu army has rushed to deyang, and sent twenty thousand troops and wei yan." Just when Zhuge Liang was at a loss, a captain came in and reported to Zhuge Liang.古今船长的故事新闻




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