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秀智李敏镐|蒙迈烫骨暖肾裤"My husband is a man who does great things. Should he get involved with his children?" Diao chan shook her head and said, "your husband went away. My body and zheng er came back in triumph.""Mr. Yi shan's words are heavy." Liu biao shook his head and said with a smile, "Mr. Yi-shan is far away. Today's banquet is specially for you. Tonight, we only talk about the moon, not the state affairs.< / p > < p > cao ren since the occupation of meng jin, in the continuous reinforcement of meng jin city, after xiahou yuan had brought reinforcements, then jizhou war nasty, cao cao transferred back to xiahou yuan, but the horses are left, but also let meng jin's forces are quite sufficient, gao shun entered luoyang, several degrees to break meng jin are in vain.

"Back... Withdraw!" < / p > < p > looking at the two sides of the vicious fight over the lv bu army, yuan shang pale, this moment he really a little afraid, because he with gao LAN want to, just calculated a cao cao, it is impossible to help yourself, heart from some regret before self-righteous, just at the moment, and then regret what is the use?It was a time of change, when the new regime was gradually expelling the old things that had begun to decay.Indeed, many of the things lu bu has made out today are not simply the tangled warfare among princes, but the fate of his own fate and tens of millions of people tied together, history, dare to do such a major change and several have a good end.秀智李敏镐|

秀智李敏镐|Gu shao nodded silently without answering, and did not ask why it was 60 percent, because you are not the person of someone else, lu bu, willing to put money to you have secretly smiled, want to with lu bu's soldiers, officials enjoy the same treatment, that is a dream....Pu banjin, gao shun daying.

"So soon?" Lyu3 bu4 jie4 mei4 yi3 xuan, from lyu3 bu4 to invade jizhou to now, also only half a month time, and this side of news even if the first time spread to xu chang, and then call up troops, also far not 15 days time can come over, unless, cao cao has already been ready.This has already been the experience of ye cheng. The former soldiers and soldiers were naturally handy when they went into battle and acted. The popular resentment will always exist.As a general, one does not want to have such a good soldier under one's command. Unfortunately, there are not many such arms in the world.秀智李敏镐|





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