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樱花虾zadull|天森康宝"Rumble ~""Ma Dai?" Falling in the grant stroked his beard: "This man is the brother of west cool general d, but don't know how to do, jun righteousness can go out of the city to fight, to explore the other side of the virtual reality, I good to wait and see on the city."

Lyu3 bu4 holding his arms, Watching the water vapour evaporate, That pair of sapphire-like eyes, a slightly curly hair falls like a waterfall on the water, tall and plump a pair of jade peaks float up and down with the action on the water, can not see clearly, but it is therefore, let a person imagine, more mysterious temptation, this is a very good use of their bodies of women."Monsieur is too ambitious!" D, pound got up at the same time, to lyu3 bu4 hand way: "master, please divide me a team, don't break zhang he, will be at the end of the head to see."Xu togeher side QinWei, can be lombardi selected from the elite, smell speech around the mountain, cut off the knight on the road, xu togeher followed, search out a letter from its body.樱花虾zadull|"Kill!" YuanMen slowly opened the moment, lyu3 bu4 eyes in the light of a flash, raised the bow, a high cry of anger, five thousand troops began to charge toward YuanMen.

樱花虾zadull|Fortunately, Daxi new army wiped out, although the battle lost heavily, but the western xianbei is gone, as long as he returned to the king's court, culture for a period of time, regrouped, the prairie, is his own, he will be worthy of the name xianbei khan.Xu togeher glazed on the spot, Incredible look to lombardi, These words, in this day and age, Almost has been in say xu togeher sellers honor, For a famous man, It can be said that every sentence is over the heart, Xu togeher is a famous man after all, How can you stand such an insult, A pull out his sword across his neck, pitifully looked at lombardi: "ha ha, waste my life xu togeher to help you achieve great things, but ended up like this, harsh words, lack of vertical and plot, today, with a cavity of my blood to wash away the innocence, please put my head on YuanMen, pour to see how you were defeated by cao cao!"Surging torrents spread across the pit, followed by gushing out of the Yinfeng Gorge, torrents suddenly scattered, spread towards this side, countless unresponsive soldiers were so swallowed up by the torrents, Quebec head in the protection of two soldiers, crazy horse racing.

"Master rest assured, will certainly open the gate at the end of the day!" Xiongkuo sea hey however a smile, licked the dry lips, a wave of his hand, with three hundred hussars toward the gate of the direction of touch.But time changes, as lyu3 bu4 swept the grasslands, stirring up civil strife in xianbei, buried two hundred and fifty thousand main xianbei, to now, no one dare to describe lyu3 bu4 with these four words, if lyu3 bu4 close to, with his reputation in the north now plus lyu3 bu4 bing identity, for Yuan Shaojun, that is a real disaster.樱花虾zadull|




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