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http mnks jxedt com|腋宝康"Fight with me." Lu lingqi waved her hand and let the female soldiers spread out around her. She led the silver spear down and said, "since it is called the first general of jingxiang, the skill is not bad, let me weigh you."Cao, standing in the courtyard, looking at the sky sunset fade away, behind him, huck hands chest, depend on the pillars, eyes aimless toward swept in the courtyard, with eyes, leaves deadwood, winter will come, the weather is gradually cool down, even if has had a fur garments, but stay out for a long time, still can feel a cold.System mall can find help is not much, or lv bu can come to a cost of large-scale training, but this is a palliative rather than a radical approach, and can not fundamentally solve the problem.Run more.

People only in the most critical time, will look down on the right, when the crisis removed, the heart of the desire for the right will be burning up again."Huh? What did you say?" Burn when Lao wang did not respond for a while, puzzled to look at aguri."But what is the master's plan?" < / p > < p > liang xing did not know that he had been from the door of death before rao, wen yan excited to see the han sui.http mnks jxedt com|At the same time, under the same sky, thousands of miles away from the solitary city of Tibet is the accumulation of a depressive atmosphere.

http mnks jxedt com|Chapter ii camp of craftsmen"Why is that? Cao cao puzzled to see guo jia, gao shun, zhang liao is lu bu's most elite two troops....

The result is that these lazy old man is now a more diligent than a day, every day on time and then go out patrol, would rather patrol the city under the hot sun, also do not want to come back to face this group of tigress."Splash ~" a long gun, in the cronies stunned eyes, piercing his chest."Will Lao wang sit by and watch me perish?" Han sui looked at the burning old king with poor complexion.http mnks jxedt com|





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