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淑玥坊水姿泉肠道水疗仪Lyu3 bu4 will transfer to luoyang."Subordinates know, of course, but... Zhao bantou distressed took a look at this group of bald gourd, heart full of malice, wry smile way: "this help hu monk insisted on protecting that murderer, even at the cost of stick block, I...... No match."Lyu3 bu4 quietly eating the food on the table, looked at lu zheng, did not break son thinking, strike bow success let his son become a bright and cheerful disposition, generous, and have a certain ability, but lu bu has not wanted to let his son completely become a star, although some early, but he needs to let him to see ugly and cruel side of the world, as the son of lu bu, he can enjoy many special treatment, but also, from the day of birth, he is destined to bear a lot of things, no matter in ancient or modern, some law will not change.

"Summon nighthawk, I'm afraid that ford has something important on him. Ask them to find him as soon as possible and keep an eye on him until he gives the order."This methods is very shameless, but xh have to admit that, after the advantage of the strong lyu3 bu4 GongJin crossbow play the incisively and vividly, cao cao has been by all your ways to get over the years lyu3 bu4 hand crossbows, let's builders research imitation and improving, there are many achievements over the years, but cannot as lyu3 bu4 batch, this has always been plagued cao cao, always don't understand, why just the crossbow can make cao cao so headache, until today, xh didn't know why he is so thoroughly have a headache, and the other side's advantage in bolt, under the condition of the arrows is enough, Any army that wanted to attack the city of lubu had to spend several times more than before.淑玥坊"Your excellency! At this time, there was a sound of horses' hoofs coming from the outside, followed by a general officer who turned over and dismounted and rushed in.

淑玥坊"Sister." CAI MAO quickly bowed a salute.The lady sees zhang lu complexion is ugly, dare not say again, zhang lu is perturbed, simply rise to go to a study.

"Roar ~" zang ba gave a despairing roar, stared, and died.Zhang yun, in liu biao's lifetime, is the deputy commander of CAI MAO, according to the original intention of liu biao, is to use zhang yun to divide CAI MAO's military power, unfortunately zhang yun is not the kind of power desire is very strong, time is long, not only did not play a role in the differentiation of military power, but was taken over by CAI MAO, became CAI MAO's bosom friend."It seems that I am not too much of a failure. CAI MAO looked at the pro - guard, suddenly rose in the chest a heroic feeling.淑玥坊




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