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新世界的海盗修改器广告扇港印However, even if cao cao did, he would have to give up his current power. No matter whether he won or lost, cao cao would be the loser."Lord, your excellency Chen qun and zhong you are calling for a meeting." A family ding came in, to cao cao and xun yu gongshou way.Time passes in a twinkling of an eye to June, his city, for the whole city was completely blocked, yecheng is zhang liao, and most of the troops and ares crossbow transfer to the town of things xh didn't notice, the time has come to a month, xh fretted about in the tent, he doesn't know what on earth are liu do, only hope to be able to make restraint opponents, these days, the cast camps like a hard shell, tried many ways have failed to work, even want to dig tunnels, the place of more than ten zhangs, accidentally dug too much, is difficult to grasp.

Chapter 17 the misfortune of Confucianism, the world's fortunePalace, on the hall, the full dynasty wenwu listen to baiji messenger cry or beg, but the heart is not the taste."Done! Pang tong shook his fist excitedly, and it was clear that someone on the tower had moved.新世界的海盗修改器Find a chair to sit down, lv bu leans on the back of the chair, close the eyes to Muse a way: "although this female does not have much ability, but ambition is not small, this matter is true and false difficult to distinguish."

新世界的海盗修改器"Oh?" Kuai more smile, see to zhang yun way: "is not fifty thousand army?"Turning a head to see a glance Yang ren, wei yan mouth pulled up a disdain sneer, you know, under the rule of chang 'an any pass, even if it is the main general to return to the city, must determine the identity, docking slogan, in order to enter the city, compared to the han army defense awareness is really not general poor.Xu chang, the sky drifting snow drifting drifting falling, on the ground, the house, has piled up a very thick layer of snow, a little down and out, but always maintain the team of honor in xu chang outside the city.

While he was thinking of these things, the other had arrived at the gate of the city, about a dozen people, each with a look of unspeakable weariness."No." Zhang yun shook his head: "the end will have sent people will kuai home close monitoring up, but there is wind and grass, will not escape my supervision."After a gun went off with the first appeared in the middle of the pitch is zhao zilong, when zhaoyun, Addis, gan ning with Yang FuNa Jiang Dongzhi, had had a fight with jiangdong the will, then regardless of the outcome, but fight with general tardif lily hand shot is god to jiangdong the eyebrows, tracing the cause or gu shao to zhaoyun are very impressive.新世界的海盗修改器




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