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吴硕燕|建筑扣件多少钱一个This has not yet come out from the belly of the child, has affected the hearts of countless people, lu bu no empress, in this era is always a big thing, after all, lu bu is now a vassal, if no empress, lay down again big jiangshan, who will inherit in the future?This is lv bu only stationed here five hundred people, if all the troops, but according to the size of three thousand people built, if all used to camp, no ten thousand people dare not say that they can break.As for why not destroy qin hu first, hey hey, lu bu is an old hand of smuggling camp, the two power of the lesser, he would rather expose the back to qin hu, but also dare not be openly exposed to the back of lu bu.

Giffin pass a sheepskin to lu bu, "according to our plant in hetao deeper exploration, after the first world war, the Wolf qiang has five thousand soldiers to war, while the first zero is strong, there are six thousand war soldiers, master, now a sublime hetao, and tu, moon people for the force in each, the take it easy, just move some means, forced to trend, without opening, we will automatically to vote, as for Qin Hu... "Before well, lyu3 bu4 while asking, but I can't forget this talent, Addis can specifically for women to watch, can't let him run, pang tong humble scholars, so for freedom is quite loose, by contrast, at least not tied to a fellow prisoner of hire is much more painful, be put in the general office of bavin room directly, let a person to once a day, but also can't let him eat satisfied, open JingXiang star, this month, but much more tragic."Youyou ~"吴硕燕|"When he escaped from xuzhou and was in runan!" Lu lingqi strove for the way.

吴硕燕|Fighting sound accompanied by crying, screaming voice at the moment in the tribe constantly staged, the sudden arrival of the huns, obviously let the Wolf qiang people some unprepared."But, as I said, you were only selected at first, and only three hundred men for the cavalry!" Lv bu looked at these men and said in a deep voice, "only the best soldiers are qualified to enter my hussar camp.Born a general, the body meets the turbulent times, with unique skills, in addition to the gender is not suitable, lu lingqi has all the prerequisites for the general, as those who want to be able to show their talent, she now urgently want a stage to prove their own.

GuLiYou o see the trend of open to scold, called animal husbandry of the qiang people young hurriedly come forward to two steps, with a leg of lamb blocked the mouth of the p. o, carefully looked around, but see the guards of the han army did not notice here at the moment, just quietly to p. o ear way: "the general, be careful, I hear an important intelligence from the han Chinese, our burn when are the life and death, to tell you, you shut down, don't let the han people suspicious."Cold west wind blowing the earth, also aroused ma chao a fiery ambition.Chapter 53 camp"Watch me! Shake the leg of sheep in the hand, young stand up, toward the place that holds qiang people captive past.吴硕燕|




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