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阿默热门网|劲力弹簧Xiao hu's courage, no need to say, the world's first military general's name, since the tiger prison ten years ago, no one can shake, now although lu bu did not hand, but the more xi but clearly feel a inexplicable pressure, and the vast sea of struggle, had to pay attention to lu bu's movement, the momentum suddenly weakened.The arrival of lv bu let li ping see hope, want to try accordingly, if can revenge nature is best, calculate cannot, the result also won't be worse."If so, no one will be willing to help." In the end, cao cao or rejected this very tempting proposal, xu you although hate, but the battle of guandu to win, xu you is really important, now xu chu killed, and then send the head to yuan shao, although can show sincerity, but let the world how to see his cao?

Guan hai looked around, as the wall was torn down, the Montenegrin army who had finally stayed beside him also chose to surrender. Now there were only 200 people beside him.At the moment when yuan was still at a loss what to do, the dense footsteps sounded again, but zhang he brought a horse and army with him to gather here quickly. Yuan shang and others were on their feet, with a surprised expression on their faces.Sussing out seven year winter, busy for a year, with the approach of year, take the arrival of eight years, luoyang area lasted a year of war, as the jingzhou forces withdraw, gradually entered the end, lyu3 bu4 back to changan, cao cao back xu is in charge of overall situation, the central plains area, ushered in the stranger's calm, but the fighting along the Yangtze river basin is with the return of jingzhou army, began.阿默热门网|Zhang fei sees the right time, the fierce light blooms in the double eye, big drink 1: "!"

阿默热门网|"How is zhong kang's injury?" For a long time, cao cao raised his head, turned to look at the side of the more xi.Zhang yan vision shrink shrink, then helpless of nod a way: "so, have Lao xu general army.""Such a small matter, he Lao zhang general start, here, is to bring a strong general, he will be a tube general. Cheng yu smiled at zhang yan, behind him, a height of eight feet, broad waist round strong man came forward, to zhang yan arch hands.

"The governor seems to have forgotten that there is more to the heluo than tiger prison." Kuai yue smiled and shook his head.By now, it doesn't matter."Go down." Lu bu nodded.阿默热门网|




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