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一路向西bt下载|百岁堂野生银杏茶'tied up! Liu's eyes were complicated with a look at zhang ren, who was roaring with anger. A few soldiers came forward, and after a moment, zhang ren was bound in great confusion"Yes, unfortunately, not for our army!" Lv meng silently nodded, seeing Chen to rush toward this way, not from cold hum 1, harsh voice way: "capsize boat!""You see to it, I don't care, but don't overdo it. Pang tong shook his head, thinking of his confused was pulled to lu bu chariot by jia xu, the heart could not help but a burst of putty slanting.

"Advisor, if you can't violate the law, then... "Zhuge liang side, the young ma su looked at zhuge liang, hesitated, opened his mouth to persuade."Pardon, captain! In the nighthawk indifferent gaze, a nighthawk wei splash on his knees to the ground, the body as kang sifter general not to shiver.Pang tong wen yan nodded and looked at wei yan dao: "when the defense is strengthened, I am afraid that we have not reached jiangzhou, jiangzhou has been broken. We should first consolidate the defense around chengdu."一路向西bt下载|"The general is at ease." "Said the general gravely.

一路向西bt下载|"Really?" With a smile in his eyes, he said, "a broken mirror can never be mended againClusters of arrows rain from all directions, each other more clearly than Chen here, they just let a person gutty all around is the feeling of the enemy, many warriors panicked to meet them, but simply can't catch each other's shadow, just a moment, Chen to the fleet was to rush collapse, could not organize effective resistance, can only watch each other to put his military forces, and then to dominate, but helpless.

Separate slightly relieved in the heart, a similar conversation has also seen, although not much, but every time is so suddenly, even separate experienced the most rigorous training, since in jingzhou, separate even dare not sleep dreaming, lest they say what not to say in a dream, that kind of like walking a tightrope feeling not well, make separate once thought she was crazy.'the end is near! Zhuoyang, li ying should be ordered out.Hands of a roll edge, a mass of fresh air carrying this sharp knife light, will be three burly western soldiers killed by the sword, the rear is more people rushing in to fill the gap, while the rear or soldiers are jingzhou through the cover of guan yu up from waste to kill, but tear gouges where whole pieces were missing only, it cannot be a foothold, even under the command of guan yu, also cannot expand the results.一路向西bt下载|




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