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柳承修|51搜了网"Report ~" be in two people prepare to go up city retreat an enemy while, the soldier of armour of distant a bloodshot battle is blaring come over, send out the shrieked cry of tore heart crack lung far: "two childe, big event is not good, north gate is broken, the horse of lv bu kills come in!""Gong da, send a letter to ban, our troops in the east of the river to withdraw." Looking at xunyou, cao cao said in a deep voice, "remember, take as many people as you can, never take as little as you can.If say now cao ying in, yuan shao most hate is who, that is cao cao by no means, between two people is between the state and the state of the front, victory or defeat is nothing to complain about, but as a traitor xu you, is definitely a most hate yuan shao, is about to join hands with yuan shao, what is more sincere than this head?

"Jun yi? His face brightened. He hurriedly pulled zhang he aside and asked in a deep voice, "how many soldiers and horses did you bring back?"Zhen shijiao body slightly a shiver, she naturally understand this sentence represents what meaning, want to refuse, but possible?"You know who's handsome?" Xu sheng frowned to be responsible for the investigation of the scouts asked the rate.柳承修|Looking at the banner of yuan zi still fluttering high in the city, lu kuang's mood did not improve, but became even worse. It was not lv bu, that is to say, ye city itself was in chaos first, but it was chosen at such a critical moment.

柳承修|"General, look! At this time, a pro guard pointed to the front shouted, pulled li dian's thoughts back, hurriedly looked up, but saw himself not long ago sent to receive fen Yin a horse and soldier at the moment again appear in the line of sight, the appearance is very embarrassed."Lu lingqi? Lyu3 bu4's daughter! ?" Huang Zuwen said a surprised, hurriedly want a sword that is gun sword, immediately in escaping a hemp, the hands of the sword by the other party one gun pick fly, seeing each other silver gun, to kill, XieCiLi, the member has popped up, in the hands of a fish knife a pick up, the other silver gun block, followed by backhand toward each other between the waist cut a knife, knife method LengLi, was fast and hard, no, no room, seeing is a sword to slay Addis block halved, but see Addis will hand to the horse and my body up, crossed the teenager, a gun again stab howie.CAI MAO suddenly want to chop down kuai yue impulse, before you said to attack, now said to retreat or you? Are you kidding me?

"Lord, there are many." Is responsible for managing the book store is the west cool Kong Xin to celebrities, rumours of the ancestral is a saint, as for whether really can't fastidious, anyway, is not recognized as a saint after jung Kong Xin that a talented, but in Chen gong's words is talking and if let him over the place, only will be a mess, but not need not, had been sent to manage lyu3 bu4 changan publishing company.Chapter 49 troubles rise and fall"I only need to spend some money and hire an army of 500 men to escort it. On the silk road, whenever I see the battle flag of chang 'an, even the most ferocious horse thief will give way. The real risks are sandstorms and swamps, but risks and benefits always coexist, don't they?" The boss laughed.柳承修|





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