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舟孟舟甲|无缝钢管找 豪翔钢管"Lead him out to play, I think the shu army rattan shield is good, than wooden shield all want to know, can block the guanzhong army crossbow arrow may also." Zhang fei thought about it."Certainly, we can afford to wait, but he can't." Pang Tong laughed. "If he dares to keep up with us, the longer it takes, the worse it will be for Kongming. He needs to help Liu Bei lay a rear area as soon as possible, and only one county is obviously not enough. So, even if Kongming knows my intention, he will come out, because he has no choice.""Although there are no elite troops, but we still have hundreds of shu army here, enough to deal with the bore is clear, long elite military forces are waiting to chase the enemy."

"Buzzing ~""If I give you five thousand horses, how will you break him?" Zhuge liang looked at zhang fei, did not refuse, but asked."Is that a way?" Pound touched his chin and nodded. "Send a few more engineering units and dig in from different directions! Fire the battalion to prepare for close combat!"舟孟舟甲|"Well, come with me and see." Lyu3 zheng nodded, with guan yong came outside the camp, accompanied by two of chengfang qin wei, smoothly took over the army.

舟孟舟甲|"At the end of the day!" Huang gai three people promised to 1, jiangdong water army unparalleled in the world, to the water, don't say MAO jie, is guan yu, also only get slaughtered, as Chen to have no place to make, depressed died in the river, for this, jiangdong people have absolute confidence."Not necessarily." Guan yu looked at the cable of the handsome flag, cold hum 1, lyu3 bu4 YuanMen ji distance than this far, and zhaoyun archery is also not under tardif.South county is xiangyang, jiangling, history, liu bei is almost with a south county laid the shu han inheritance, as long as the south county, liu bei's strength in jingzhou is basically abandoned.

Lyu3 bu4 sealing the news of the king, liu bei some lost standing on the river, looking at rolling the yangtze river, but in the heart is born a bitter."What about jun?" Asked Zhuge Liang, closing his eyes.Pang Tong smell speech can not help nodding: "Like master said, kongming although talent overflowed, but after all, before it was just paper, if not shu topography, he can't have the opportunity to hold up to now, but also therefore, kongming on the strategy, is a lot of progress, but jingzhou news, also should come, I don't know how to choose the kongming?"舟孟舟甲|




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