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喂下面小嘴吃荔枝 h文|老苗汤泡脚"Zheng zizhen, you are humiliating me! ?" Wei zheng ran way."Returning to the master, the night owl camp mainly set up an intelligence network in the land of the central plains princes. Rome and guishuang also had intelligence liaison stations because they were too far away, but they did not put much effort into it. "The nighthawk bowed.The general's mansion was not yet complete, and although it was larger than the one at chang 'an, it looked very imposing from the outside, living in it was somewhat drab, with all its decorations still unfinished.

"Newspaper ~" a elongated voice, a covered with blood soldiers rushed in, kneeling in front of CAI MAO body, sad and shrill way: "general, the event is not good, in the governance of malang suddenly with people attacked the east gate, opened the gate, the enemy will have zhang fei with horses into the city!In the flow of the crowd, the one in the history, is absolutely the most humble, his short stature, less than five feet tall and thin figure, facial features is also plain, at first glance, it is hard to think of such a character is a swordsman, because from him, can't find the shadow of the sword, and his sword will only appear when needed most."That's what ryo meant." Zhuge liang stood up and said with a smile, if choose a person, guan yu nature is best, however huang zhong can let zhang fei suffer a loss in wrestling, to some extent, also can press zhang fei, and zhang fei's recklessness sometimes can have the effect that expect is less than.喂下面小嘴吃荔枝 h文|"It seems that I am not too much of a failure. CAI MAO looked at the pro - guard, suddenly rose in the chest a heroic feeling.

喂下面小嘴吃荔枝 h文|"The envoy of baiji came to see the son of heaven? It's not that simple, is it?" Zhong you said with a sneer, "four years ago, lv bu was training sailors in the bohai sea. It seemed that he was trying to get rid of these people."Kong Ming and shi yuan, are a rare talent. Xu shu nodded his head and sighed. Lu bu once said, "in this world, there is a genius.

Zhang lu was mercilessly whipped in his heart. Hanzhong was his painstaking effort. Only after more than ten years' efforts, could the population of hanzhong reach its peak.After all, once herdsmen gather in large Numbers, they are likely to become the next xianbei or xiongnu, which will break away from lv bu's control or even turn against them. Moreover, the resources of the grassland cannot afford to support too many people. In lv bu's plan, it is already the limit to build another city east of yinshan.喂下面小嘴吃荔枝 h文|




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