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动漫美女禁处受辱|理美水晶一梳黑"At the end of the day!" D smell speech exultation, step forward respectfully took the arrow.Soon afterwards, the court canonized lyu3 bu4 as champion hou, no doubt the court has recognized lyu3 bu4 this achievement, but also make the world countless people.Are you dying?

"Of course not. If the king goes, the military forces of the king's court must all be taken away!" Lyu3 bu4 sink a track."I remember, when I left, I asked Ule to remind the king that there was something going on in Chin Lien-chuan." Lyu3 bu4 looked to kui head.Originally, xu togeher is not too proud of cao cao, otherwise also won't choose to take effect lombardi, but unconsciously, cao cao with the emperor to make governors, but has quietly reached enough with lombardi, this makes xu togeher is very bad taste, especially when blocked by xu chu, the in the mind is furious.动漫美女禁处受辱|"Just now the army has no food to send, continue to carry on, I'm afraid in three days, our army will mutiny!" Cao cao a face of helpless wry smile.

动漫美女禁处受辱|"Zhang he is more than defensive, but not aggressive enough, Master can leave a member of the general led a cavalry stationed here, and zhang he confrontation, if zhang he don't move, don't mind him, if he led the army out of the city, then set heavy troops and wipe out, the thirty thousand troops, trapped in mayi city, master rate the main force to subdue all sides of the city, with zhang liao, seibel to wipe out high dry, after the master annexation bing, mayi naturally!According to lyu3 bu4's plan, Kui Tou did hit Daxi Xinjue a surprise, not from some complacent, looking at Daxi Xinjue in the canyon to rectify the army, can not help laughing: "Ha ha ha, this war, our army will win!""Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, smiled, and there is no too unexpected look, compared to the central plains of intrigue, many things on the grassland are much simpler, the grassland of the famous general, each is a knife a shot out of the reputation.

Feel the masculine breath, the woman felt that she had just recovered some strength and no longer, if not by lyu3 bu4 hug, even suddenly soft to fall to the ground, kitsch such as silk face, that can also feel before the noble and graceful spirit."Rumble ~"Back to jizhou?动漫美女禁处受辱|




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