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牛年谱就惊天曲|黎明液压有限公司For these, lu bu did not go to stop, children have children's choice, since lu lingqi chose this road, and lu bu now really need such a exist in the dark, the world even if it is their own people will not know the power of existence, in addition to lu lingqi, lu bu also has no better candidate....Close to the people, can obviously feel the number of lv bu home more, no matter how tired, how busy, every night will return to the general house overnight.

And women general of Yang family in folklore, ha ha, DaSong himself did not have the evil of his military commanders, forced under, to make women headed, reflect is big in the song dynasty was weak, has reached the point where they need to defend a group of women, lyu3 bu4 under his leading, why her daughter ran out to fight? What father in the world would want his daughter to go to war? Although the soul replaced the original owner, but that has been engraved into the bones of affection has inherited, how could lv bu have the heart to let his daughter go into battle to fight?Compared with the han army under han sui, the qiang people's anger natural easier to ignite, especially p. o already have such preconceived think Korea then tried to burn out qiang adverse circumstances, plus rumor offensive, Korea hence not recruit has doesn't matter, as long as the combustion was able to point in the qiang people's anger, Korea even if see through didn't also the way."Husband, what are you thinking?" Sable cicada is enjoying the 2 people world that lv bu accompanies, looking at lv bu to walk on the road absent-minded appearance, some laugh to ask a way.牛年谱就惊天曲|The northern water army originally belongs to the side door son, even if is just the male power big yuan shao, under the command of the warship also does not have how many, now can only take fishing boat to fill.

牛年谱就惊天曲|"There is an amazing talent, not under you and me, even some other day." Li ru sat down and did not belittle pang tong's ability, but the corners of his mouth turned into a sneer and said, "however, he is too proud and unsophisticated. If he meets a wise Lord, he will be fine."When did I promise you? Lv bu glaring way.Lyu3 bu4 for today, not only will be under unit, moon people troops sent to cut the grass, also brought a lot of help the rouzhi roamed to moon people lake, fully prepared three days time to prepare hay to play enough power for this time, hundreds of fire fire by the wind, spread rapidly, flames to pentium hsiungnu play complexion, such as soil, pentium momentum moment collapse, many people haven't run into the flame, because of the impact, accidentally fall, followed by numerous horseshoe step into a paste.

It sounds as if nothing is used, but lv bu is now one of the world's seven male, male station two state land, the things on these etiquette must pay attention to, otherwise spread out, if the number of etiquette appeared problems, always give a person a kind of not on the feeling of the table."Rhubarb crossbow, stand by!"牛年谱就惊天曲|




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