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大城和香|温度记录纸Lyu3 bu4 sighed and said to Hsiung Kuo-hai, "Keep the camp. No one is allowed to come near it!"Hundreds of zhangs distance, can clearly feel the pressure brought about by the thousands of troops, lyu3 bu4 on horseback stood in front of the army, emitting a terrible chance to kill, is the face of thousands of troops also happy not afraid, this momentum, also bring endless confidence to the soldiers around.A few steps to Hua Tuo front, d some excited way: "Sir, how is the iron brother?"

"The girl came to me, but was entrusted by Wen Ho." Lyu3 bu4 sitting on the horse, straight up, with a little surprised to see the whole body will be included in the armor of the woman, woman will, in this era, lyu3 bu4 only know the ravaged by the south pretty lady."Father." Ma Tie, step forward."Wen Hou-yung-wu is unparalleled in the world, and he is invincible."大城和香|"Come on, boys! This last battle must be fought with all our might!" A shock rein, lu brown laughed, behind a dry knight crashing promised, followed by lu bu all the way toward martial arts.

大城和香|Riverbank, with seibel army step by step, can stand less and less figure, seibel ready to gush up, annihilate the group of jun remnants of iniquity, in the distance on the road, a burst of dust, and a military forces rushed this way.Longyou."At the end of the day he will lead his life." Pipe hai hongsheng promised.

"Husband, Korea hence take the initiative to give up hanyang county, let our army didn't move a soldier a pawn, got a county, why see husband's appearance, but not too happy?" Yang Xi doubted to lyu3 bu4."Here!"Chapter 16 Gambling大城和香|




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